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Look at the ball, that bounces round & round & round

Look at an orange, a coin or a plate
A marble, tires or the weights
Did you notice the eyeballs of your eyes
They have no corner or any sides
They are all circles and they go (round and round and round and round)

The next shape is a Square

A square's like a box and has 4 sides.
All the sides are equal and right angle it provides.
Look at a cushion, dice, and a chess box.
Observe your window, floor tiles, and building blocks.
They are all square and have ( 4 sides,4 sides, yes 4 sides)
Oh i see you've been practising

Our next shape is a rectangle.
Can you say rectangle? (rectangle)

Rectangles have 4 sides and is flat
very angle is right and that's a fact.
opposite sides are always equal in length.
Look at the TV Gosh! Lifting takes some strength!.

Observe the shape in mobile phones,
open wallets, and doors at home
Explore options and have some fun
Stay tuned as our journey has just began

Next shape is a triangle. ( triangle)

A triangle has the side of 3.
These 3 cornered shapes are easy to see.
Take a look at the yield sign on the street.
Observe a toblerone which is a treat.

A pizza slice that's yummy to eat.
The fun of a triangular slide,nobody can beat.
look at the play sign of any video
melon or sandwich slice for which you just can't say no.
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