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Wellcome to Popular Kids Stories

Reading is a good stepping stone when it comes to learning. But for younger children, getting into the habit of reading can be hard. And with the advancement of technology and the internet, your child could be getting into some non-age appropriate reading material that could pave the way to some uncomfortable conversations with your children.

This is where Popular Kids Stories come into play. Popular Kids Stories has a collection of E-Books and short stories aimed specifically for a younger audience. Parents can use the site to access new stories to read their children for story time, and can even be used by children themselves to practice their reading skills.

  • With us, your children are in safe hands! No illicit, no abusive and no harmful content!
  • Learn good things with help of educational and fun rhymes!
  • You can download color ful E-Books

What’s on the site?

To cater to every child’s interest, Popular Kids Stories has different types of stories available in their library. Some of the E-Books and short stories parents can find on the site include:

Short Stories

These short stories can be read to you and your children, or you could read it to your children while they enjoy the colorful visuals that accompany each story. There are more than 100 stories to choose from on the site and new ones are added each month so that parents and children can look forward to reading more stories together.

Nursery Rhymes

Aside from short stories, Popular Kids Stories also has a collection of nursery rhymes your children can listen to while they play. It includes classic nursery rhymes like Old McDonald and the Alphabet song.

Inspiring Stories

Inspire your children to work hard for their goals with inspiring stories. These types of stories can also help your child understand the obstacles they will soon be facing when they encounter them as they work for their dreams to come true. This can also be the perfect opportunity for parent and child to discuss about all the possibilities they have as young children.

Downloadable Apps

The site has also made apps available for download on the site so parents can take story time on the go.

Available Apps

These days, just about everything has a corresponding app. So why not have an app for your child’s educational development? Popular Kids Stories has a variety of apps available for download including a nursery rhyme app and a top kids stories app.

Parents can download them onto their tablets or smartphones and use them to read their kids stories or have the app read the story for you when you need to do something else and want your child to sleep.

When you download any of the apps, you will be treated to stories added every day. This way, your child will always have a new story to look forward to everyday until they outgrow nursery rhymes and story time.

Some of the apps available on the site include:

2048 Game

A fun puzzle game for children that helps to develop shape recognition and analytical skills. The app is free and ad free.

Nursery Rhyme Video App

Want to play a nursery rhyme for your child without having to search? Then the Nursery Rhyme Video App is for you. The app features a collection of nursery rhyme with videos that don’t require the internet to play. Favorable especially if you’re planning to go on long trips with your child.

English Reading Comprehension

This app is aimed towards older children who are just learning how to read. Let your child practice their reading comprehension and reading speed with the use of this app. It contains a simple 5 minute test that can help you assess your child’s reading performance.

Math Practice Test

Math is a very challenging subject at school. Why not help your child with math problems with the Math Practice Test App? It helps children learn the basics, mainly: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and simple division.

There are many more educational apps available on the site for free. These are just some of the few that you will find on there.

A Family Friendly Website

Popular Kids Stories was designed and built by professionals who want to offer families a friendly website that is free from illicit, abusive and harmful content.

On our site, children are free to sing and read and learn as much as they want without parents constantly having to worry about their children interacting with a stranger on the internet.

Parents and even teachers can use the website as a tool for teaching their children as it can easily help them retain their child’s attention with the colorful pictures, fun games, apps, and stories that are always available for free on the website.

The easy to use interface makes it easier for children and parents to navigate, and lets them find what they are looking for easily without hassle.

Popular Kids Stories aims to one day be the most widely used website when it comes to children’s education. And by using and visiting our website regularly, you are helping us achieve our goal.

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